Spotify: in Memoriam

An Introduction

Spotify's been one of my favorite services for the longest time. Of late, my frustrations with the app outweigh the possible benefits. I have not abandoned the service; I have simply chosen to use the web version. Bitch, you thought.



What I had

As I bid adieu to the app I once loved and had, I figured I'd put down the stuff I'd done to make the Spotify app an integral part of my setup, a spot it no longer occupies. My heart already feels lighter.

I guess I'd thought that a customized Spotify setup, typically done with Spicetify was a requisite part of a rice. The shades of green that I'd picked out, however, truly brought me joy. However, ditching it seems a fair bit simpler. Anyway, I was really proud of my setup, which makes parting with it all the more difficult.


Right, so I liked using the Phosphoria theme, since it was already close to what I was looking for. I've changed a fair bit of the colors in the .config/Themes/Phosphoria/color.ini file. Here's what that file looks like now:

; Phosphoria Theme
main_fg = fff
secondary_fg = 6df98c ; bright-ish green
main_bg = 0b1e12 ; dark green
sidebar_and_player_bg = 011c07 ; dark green, v comparable
cover_overlay_and_shadow = 47110e ; a nice mahogany/maroon
indicator_fg_and_button_bg = f4099e ; hot pink
pressing_fg = bb67ef ; purple
slider_bg = 2d4039
sidebar_indicator_and_hover_button_bg = f26ef4
scrollbar_fg_and_selected_row_bg = 113817
pressing_button_fg = 02b585
pressing_button_bg = 2d4039
selected_button = 009688
miscellaneous_bg = 02b585
miscellaneous_hover_bg = 2e514b
;preserve_1 = 04d6a8

; 0ef9a8

Spicetify setup Pretty, right?


I also liked having the song show up on my bar, and for that, I used polybar-spotify. My config used to contain the lines:

type = custom/script
interval = 1
label-font = 2
format-prefix = " "
format =

Alas, that too had to go.


I also had a cronjob setup to periodically delete the .cache/Spotify/Data folder, since that was the folder to accumulate literal gigabytes of storage. The corresponding line read:

00 18 * * 5 rm -rf ~/.cache/spotify/Data

That's all folks!

That's all for now! I'll put down anything else Spotify-related down here as it comes to me.

Alas, Spotify's one of my guiltiest pleasures; I wound up re-installing it. I'm not as strong as I thought. I'm no longer using Spicetify or the cronjob (mentioned earlier), but I'm still using a Polybar module.