Hi! I’m Krithika!

Welcome to my blog!

My dotfiles and these write-ups are a compilation of things I’ve found online, typically from the ArchWikis, Reddit, StackExchange, and other folks' GitHub pages.

These are my current setups:

Power Management

December 9, 2019 : Attempting to get better power management on Éowyn with Powertop and TLP (Ubuntu 18.04)

Accent Marks

November 3, 2019 : Typing diacritics in Ubuntu (GNOME tweaks)

Mapping Keys

October 14, 2019 : Mapping one key to another, XKB stuff too!

Beautifying the Bash Experience

October 7, 2019 : Making things look pretty in my terminal with Bash

Changing Login Color

September 20, 2019 : Changing the color of the login screen from shades of aubergine to something else in Ubuntu 18.04