Hi! I’m Krithika!

Welcome to my blog!

My dotfiles and these write-ups are a compilation of things I’ve found online, typically from the ArchWikis, Reddit, StackExchange, and other folks' GitHub pages.

These are my current setups:

Arch Linux Install + Setup

May 23, 2021 : My new Arch Linux installation and setup on Éowyn. Ricing times!

Spotify: In Memoriam

April 28, 2021 : My previous Spotify and Spicetify installations and some thoughts

Good Practices

March 8, 2021 : A list of good practices I've learned over the years

Natural Scrolling with i3

November 28, 2020 : Setting up natural scrolling with i3

Desktop Environments

November 17, 2020 : Playing around with different desktop environments (GNOME, XFCE, Cinammon, i3) and my thoughts